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Content Curation Projects


One of my most recent projects involved collaborating with the website admin to redesign the Lightweight Fitness site. I assisted in writing/editing web copy to improve SEO, providing visual content, and offered guidance on how to optimize the end-user experience to ensure clients and prospects are able to seamlessly navigate throughout the website. 

The new website went live mid-October 2022 and resulted in higher traffic and higher local ranking on Google.

Site beforeafter.png


I regularly conceptualize, film, edit, and post short form video content on behalf of Lightweight Fitness on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

I alternate between using my iPhone and point-and-shoot camera to get the best, most high-quality shots. I typically edit using apps such as CapCut and Final Cut Pro.


As a visual learner myself, I love being able to provide clients with resources that help them better connect with the content/information shared and process what they are seeing versus simply seeing it and forgetting soon after. 

For instance, embarking upon a new journey to improve your diet can be hard and often expensive. That's why I create materials showcasing how people can plan grocery shopping trips ahead of time and maximize budgets, no matter how tight they may be. 

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